Or What Tabitha actually does 'round here...

A Dance Revolution
wherein Tabitha makes some big bucks from a guy who may or not be a German ex-con.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
(or a Lady and Her Dude) wherein Tabitha cooks her own free meal and meets Alex and his gal, Marion err, Lorna..
Sunday in the Park with the Blue Fairy
wherein Tabitha settle in at the park and gets a garrishly dressed guest. =)
Workin' Blue
a follow up to SitPwtBF, wherein hears bunches and kicks back on the couch with the Blue Fairy, err, Connie!.
Being a Lady
wherein Tabitha, the eternal bum, crashes at Lorna's while Marion's about.
A Modest Proposal
wherein Tabitha is graced with charity and ... something else.
All Night Long
actually three scenes, wherein it's Dress Up, Get Out and Get Up.