Have you always wanted a website for your business but couldn't afford the high cost? Or possibly you've admired a competitor or neighbor's business website but didn't know where to turn for quality work.

Do you want to be able to manage your own content? Something as easy as typing an email or a Word document? Do you want your website to be friendly and elegant, without all the flashing ads, moving images, and complex menus of other sites?

Don't get me wrong. Flash, Java, .NET, and ASP are all fine things to add to your website, and can provide a lot of interactivity. But sometimes, what a business needs is a more personal, simpler touch.

That's where I come in. Pawprint Designs specializes in elegant, handcrafted, and easy-to-use website design for small businesses. Once I set up your website for you, you don't have to touch HTML at all if you don't want to.

Pawprint Designs is about simplicity and the personal touch. Everything about your website, from start to finish, will be under your control -- from the initial consultation to the final presentation and instructional seminar.

In this economy, the prices many design companies in Nashville ask for can be way out of budget for a small business. That's why a site from Pawprint Designs only costs $125 for initial setup. This includes the first consultation, design, upload, and the final instructional seminar. Monthly site maintenance is $25 a month, which includes security updates. Any additional time you need spent on your site is $25 an hour, with fixes taking fifteen minutes or less free.

Furthermore, Pawprint Designs offers a seminar on choosing your website hosting, from LAMP servers to bandwidth usages, for $20 per person. This is a class best offered to groups, instead of to a single person, so get together with your friends and neighbors for this one. Or, I can offer a complete solution and arrange hosting and domain registration if necessary for an extra $25.

Pawprint Designs schedules on a first-come, first-serve basis, and consultation hours are 11am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Call 615-438-2777 or email info@pawprint-designs.net to schedule your initial consultation. Consultations will be in-person, so please make sure to set aside an hour in your busy day for this most important part of the process.

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