Firechildren's forums, a place to chat up members of the various games hosted here, not to mention let us know about things you want to see here. Or let us know about problems ... (what problems?).

Personal pages

    Charis' section, a collective of sites that features everything from her writing and art to her roleplay characters to an layout design service -- and assorted other amusements besides. They don't call her eclectic for nothing.

    Panya's section, her personal collective that changes its cover often but never seems to be updated inside ... -_-;; Chapters include characters (which are always in flux), writings, her journal, and a javascript character designer.

    Carla's section. We have no idea what's going here. It looks like character profiles and bloggish stuff. Looks like.

Goddess Paradise
    Emerald's section, containing character profiles and assorted information.

postcards home
    Ilana's section, containing her blog. On hiatus.

Games pages

    A Sailormoon-based PbEM RPG run by Cyberia.

Senshi Academy
    A Sailormoon-based PbEM RPG run by Panya.

Omake pages

PawPrint Productions
    Panya's 'business' site, where she attempts to gain webdesign commissions and sell her handmade jewellery.